»The Burial«

This event was held on the 1st of December | »The Burial« scored 6,6 Genusspunkte | @Prime

This true-enough story about the friendship that develops between a soggy white Mississippi funeral director and the hotshot Black attorney he hires to defend him from out of state might be steeped in some of the same tropes that made the likes of “Green Book” feel so forced, but “The Burial” gradually reveals itself to be more in touch with the past than the rest of its ilk, and therefore also more reflective of the present.

David Ehrlich in IndieWire
LB (rechts) legt Joris (links) erotisierend die Hand auf das Knie.
Trailer zu »The Burial«

By JFK-President (Official)

Best Cinemamaster between Kopenhagen and Kleinwümmede

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