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»The Burial«

Streamable 13th of October | @Prime

This true-enough story about the friendship that develops between a soggy white Mississippi funeral director and the hotshot Black attorney he hires to defend him from out of state might be steeped in some of the same tropes that made the likes of “Green Book” feel so forced, but “The Burial” gradually reveals itself to be more in touch with the past than the rest of its ilk, and therefore also more reflective of the present.

David Ehrlich in IndieWire
LB (rechts) legt Joris (links) erotisierend die Hand auf das Knie.
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»Fair Play«

Streamable 13th of October | @Netflix

It’s a film of many, many high-volume arguments but Dynevor and Ehrenreich remarkably avoid even the slightest sign of histrionic excess, expertly carrying over their sexual chemistry to the couple’s more horrible moments – a pair you buy in moments of love as much as you do in moments of hate.

Benjamin Lee in The Guardian
Wenn man die beiden Darsteller nur Rücken an Rücken stellt (siehe Bild), sieht man, wie zwergig Alden Ehrenreich (rechts) mit gerade einmal 1,76 m gegen die gigantische Phoebe Dynevor (links) und ihre 5,41 ft ist.
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»The Killer«

In theatres 26th of October | @Savoy

It is all entertainingly absurd and yet the pure conviction and deadpan focus that Fassbender and Fincher bring to this ballet of anonymous professionalism makes it very enjoyable. And there are moments when the veneer of realism is disquieting.

Peter Bradshaw in The Guardian
Michael Fassbender realisiert, dass er vielleicht gar nicht so isoliert und weit weg von allen anderen ist, sondern dass er sein Leben lang das Fernrohr falschherum gehalten hat.
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»Die Theorie von Allem«

In theatres 26th of October | @Scala

Imagine that one of Hitchcock’s villains […] did not simply come from a place of murderous intent but from a different place altogether, perhaps another dimension. Imagine that villain’s supranatural malfeasance backdropped by jagged mountains, captured in black-and-white so crisp it could cut, and widescreen frames so wide whole Alpine ranges fit comfortably inside them. And imagine it all unfolding to a deliberately overpowering score, like Bernard Herrman and Scott Walker conceived a baby during a sonic boom. Now you are somewhere near Timm Kröger’s superbly crafted »Die Theorie von Allem« an overlong but enjoyable metaphysical thriller that delivers pastiche so meticulous it becomes its own source of supremely cinematic pleasure. 

Jessica Kiang in Variety
Der JFK (Junges Film Konglomerat) feiert seinen ersten Unabhängigkeitstag nach der jahrenlangen Besatzung durch den Jorisschen Autokraten (decolourized).
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»Dumb Money«

In theatres 26th of October | @Filmpalast

It’s a compelling story told in largely engaging fashion, anchored by Dano’s terrific turn as the eccentric, strong-willed Gill, who becomes an unlikely folk hero.

Frank Scheck in The Hollywood Reporter
Paul Dano als LB
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»Killers of the Flower Moon«

In theatres 19th of October | @Savoy

It’s a difficult balancing act for a filmmaker as gifted and operatic as Scorsese, whose ability to tell any story rubs up against his ultimate admission that this might not be his story to tell. And so, for better or worse, Scorsese turns »Killers of the Flower Moon« into the kind of story that he can still tell better than anyone else: A story about greed, corruption, and the mottled soul of a country that was born from the belief that it belonged to anyone callous enough to take it.

David Ehrlich in IndieWire
A VERY British picnic with four VERY American ladies.
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»Plan 75«

In theatres 12th of October | @tba

“Plan 75” isn’t for or against assisted suicide, but it tenderly laments a society in which “death with dignity” is only offered as compensation for a life without it. This is an ultra-delicate whisper of a drama — the kind in which a typical scene might consist of an old woman sitting alone in her apartment for several minutes of haunted silence. And yet the anger that fringes such bittersweet moments gradually accumulates into a palpable and lingering rage at how good we’ve become at branding cruelty as compassion.

David Ehrlich in IndieWire
Haushälterin Miss Oyu im Fünf-Sterne-Hotel Mozartbaum blickt skeptisch zum deutschen Gast hinüber, wie er seine Trilluxe-Badehose anzieht, um den neunten Tag in Folge zum schwimmenden Apple-Store zu kraueln. Zumal er immer von Osaka aus die rund 5000 Kilometer schwimmt. Bei Baucons24 kann man nur nach Serverregion, (noch) nicht nach genaueren Ländern buchen. Das muss auch ein CEO ausbaden. Buchstäblich.
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»Blue Jean«

In theatres 5th of October | 29th of October at the Queer Film Night | @Scala

It’s so rare in British cinema to see the “L” in “LGBTQ+” up there in such bold type, which makes Blue Jean not only a biting look at this historical moment but a riveting act of redress.

Tim Robey in The Telegraph
Vom Rotlicht in den violetten Farbverlauf, rein ins Orange, Weiß, Rosa. Spaß mit Flaggen und Lichtern.
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»The Wonderful Story of Henry Sugar«

Streamable from 27th of September | @JFK-Plaza

And so the stage is set for the most visually inventive film that Anderson has made thus far, one whose in-your-face theatricality and manic bricolage of nested subplots are so aggressive that even the recent “Asteroid City” — with its movie about a television program about a play within a play “about infinity and I don’t know what else” construction — feels measured by comparison. So while “The Wonderful Story of Henry Sugar” may be, in some respects, the most literal Dahl adaptation you could possibly imagine, the true author of this project is never in doubt.

David Ehrlich in IndieWire
Die Minzfarbe kann als Teil einer Gruppe von Minzpastellfarben beschrieben werden und ist eine Kombination aus Blau, Grün und Weiß. Die Farbe Mint ist außerordentlich vielseitig. Zu ihr passen Weiß, Naturtöne wie Sand oder Beige, Pastelltöne wie Gelb, Flieder oder Rosé, andere Minttöne und Grau.
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»El Conde«

Streamable from 15th of September | @JFK-Plaza

»El Conde« remains a spellbinding and mischievously spry spin on a deadly serious subject from a director who, in his tenth feature, continues to come up with audacious surprises.

David Rooney in The Hollywood Reporter
Stint-Kapitän LO merkte es erst zu spät. Es war gar nicht Saison in Bleckede. Das Hotel war leer, sogar die Farben hatten ihre Koffer gepackt. Hätte er seinen Urlaub doch nur über BauCons24 gebucht. Dort erhält er nicht nur die besten Preise, sondern auch Empfehlungen für Hin- und Rückfahrt, Zeltplatzrechtlage und Supermarktöffnungszeiten. We are always by your side.
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