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Baumannconsulting offers several pre-planned trips per month for you to enjoy!

  • »The Burial«
    Streamable 13th of October | @Prime This true-enough story about the friendship that develops between a soggy white Mississippi funeral director and the hotshot Black attorney he hires to defend … Read more
  • »Fair Play«
    Streamable 13th of October | @Netflix It’s a film of many, many high-volume arguments but Dynevor and Ehrenreich remarkably avoid even the slightest sign of histrionic excess, expertly carrying over … Read more
  • »The Killer«
    In theatres 26th of October | @Savoy It is all entertainingly absurd and yet the pure conviction and deadpan focus that Fassbender and Fincher bring to this ballet of anonymous … Read more
  • »Die Theorie von Allem«
    In theatres 26th of October | @Scala Imagine that one of Hitchcock’s villains […] did not simply come from a place of murderous intent but from a different place altogether, … Read more
  • »Dumb Money«
    In theatres 26th of October | @Filmpalast It’s a compelling story told in largely engaging fashion, anchored by Dano’s terrific turn as the eccentric, strong-willed Gill, who becomes an unlikely … Read more

Have you missed an event? The next event will surely be determined soon. Stay tuned! Until then, keep in touch on our Twitter. See you there!


Joris, 2019

With the world-famous cinematography specialist Joris you have always got an expert by your side. You want to know the backstory of the movie, some details about the director or maybe just some good-to-know funfacts about certain aspects of it? Joris got your back! Even though he has a slight tendency to occupy the couple-seats by his own, he always has got a pun up his sleeve when you least expect it. Buckle up and enjoy your ride with our amazing expert Joris!

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