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  • »May December«
    Streamable on Netflix 1st of December| @JFK-Plaza Haynes’ tonal playfulness has sometimes been overshadowed by the unerring consistency of his emotional textures, but here, in the funniest and least “stylized”… Read more: »May December«
  • »Perfect Days«
    In theatres 21st of December| @Scala The director has crafted a film of deceptive simplicity, observing the tiny details of a routine existence with such clarity, soulfulness and empathy that… Read more: »Perfect Days«
  • »The Iron Claw«
    In theatres 21st of December| @Zeise The true story of the inseparable Von Erich brothers, who made history in the intensely competitive world of professional wrestling in the early 1980s.… Read more: »The Iron Claw«
  • »Eileen«
    In theatres 7th of December| @Zeise Rippling with sly humor and a bold command of the tropes of classic Hitchcockian suspense, this is a twisty and beguiling original, led by… Read more: »Eileen«
  • »How to Have Sex«
    In theatres 7th of December| @Zeise This is an interestingly unsentimental film, without the coming-of-age cliches, and one from which the three leads emerge stronger and happier than before. Peter… Read more: »How to Have Sex«

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Joris, 2019

With the world-famous cinematography specialist Joris you have always got an expert by your side. You want to know the backstory of the movie, some details about the director or maybe just some good-to-know funfacts about certain aspects of it? Joris got your back! Even though he has a slight tendency to occupy the couple-seats by his own, he always has got a pun up his sleeve when you least expect it. Buckle up and enjoy your ride with our amazing expert Joris!

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