»No One Will Save You«

This event was held on the 1st of December | »No One Will Save You« scored 5,75 Genusspunkte | @JFK-Plaza

There have been plenty of home invasion movies. And there have been plenty of alien invasion movies. So it only seems logical that there would eventually be an alien home invasion movie. Writer-director Brian Duffield has delivered just that with his sci-fi suspenser featuring Kaitlyn Dever (Booksmart, Dopesick) in a virtually solo, virtually silent performance as a young woman battling a formidable array of extraterrestrials who are definitely not of the cute and cuddly E.T. variety. Premiering on Hulu to provide scares through Halloween, No One Will Save You proves a singularly intense experience.

Frank Scheck in The Hollywood Reporter
Studentin versteckt sich nach Essen unter dem Tisch als der Kellner kommt, weil Mälzer-Luxusburger zwar luxus schmeckt, aber eben auch luxus kostet und BAföG nicht so luxus gönnt.
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Best Cinemamaster between Kopenhagen and Kleinwümmede

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