Dolby Atmos Movie Special Event

» Komm und Sieh «

This event was held on the Friday, 23th of October 2020 | @ Savoy

It’s said that you can’t make an effective anti-war film because war by its nature is exciting, and the end of the film belongs to the survivors. No one would ever make the mistake of saying that about Elem Klimov’s “Come and See.” This 1985 film from Russia is one of the most devastating films ever about anything, and in it, the survivors must envy the dead.

Roger Ebert
Johanniter ph60-Kurs nach einer Klausur. Historische Aufnahme, handkolloriert. Es wird angenommen, dass die Person in der Mitte sich weigerte, sich zu wundern.
Trailer zu » Komm und Sieh «

By JFK-President (Official)

Best Cinemamaster between Kopenhagen and Kleinwümmede

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