»Die Frau im Nebel«

This event was held on the 2nd of February | »Die Frau im Nebel« scored 8,2125 Genusspunkte | @Scala

It’s a good thing, then, that »Decision to Leave« isn’t a whodunnit […]. In fact, Park’s funny, playful, and increasingly poignant crime thriller is less interested in what [detective] Hae-joon (Park Hae-il) knows about his suspect than in how he feels about her.

David Ehrlich in IndieWire
You need someone, who lutsches you like Tang Wei this spoon? Baumannconsulting is always by your side.
Trailer zu »Frau im Nebel«

By JFK-President (Official)

Best Cinemamaster between Kopenhagen and Kleinwümmede

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