»Die Theorie von Allem«

This event was held on the 5th of November| »Die Theorie von Allem« scored 7,585 Genusspunkte | @Scala

Imagine that one of Hitchcock’s villains […] did not simply come from a place of murderous intent but from a different place altogether, perhaps another dimension. Imagine that villain’s supranatural malfeasance backdropped by jagged mountains, captured in black-and-white so crisp it could cut, and widescreen frames so wide whole Alpine ranges fit comfortably inside them. And imagine it all unfolding to a deliberately overpowering score, like Bernard Herrman and Scott Walker conceived a baby during a sonic boom. Now you are somewhere near Timm Kröger’s superbly crafted »Die Theorie von Allem« an overlong but enjoyable metaphysical thriller that delivers pastiche so meticulous it becomes its own source of supremely cinematic pleasure. 

Jessica Kiang in Variety
Der JFK (Junges Film Konglomerat) feiert seinen ersten Unabhängigkeitstag nach der jahrenlangen Besatzung durch den Jorisschen Autokraten (decolourized).
Trailer zu »Die Theorie von Allem«

By JFK-President (Official)

Best Cinemamaster between Kopenhagen and Kleinwümmede

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