This wvent was held on the 2nd of January 2023 | »Barbarian« scored 5,48 Genusspunkte | @JFK-Plaza

Cregger slowly builds bone-chilling and suspenseful sequences up to screechingly operatic moments of face-melting horror, and then swiftly cuts to a different chapter, making a hard left into a completely different mode, taking us all on the roller-coaster ride. His facility with comedy also aids in these jarring tone switches, and »Barbarian« is as funny as it is terrifying.

Katie Walsh in St. Louis Post-Dispatch
Ein junge Frau hatte cleveren Gedanken, im Horrorfilm in einen Keller zu gehen. Das ist voll oldschool, also quasi auch richtig cool.
Trailer zu »Barbarian«

By JFK-President (Official)

Best Cinemamaster between Kopenhagen and Kleinwümmede

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