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»Plan 75«

In theatres 12th of October | @tba

“Plan 75” isn’t for or against assisted suicide, but it tenderly laments a society in which “death with dignity” is only offered as compensation for a life without it. This is an ultra-delicate whisper of a drama — the kind in which a typical scene might consist of an old woman sitting alone in her apartment for several minutes of haunted silence. And yet the anger that fringes such bittersweet moments gradually accumulates into a palpable and lingering rage at how good we’ve become at branding cruelty as compassion.

David Ehrlich in IndieWire
Haushälterin Miss Oyu im Fünf-Sterne-Hotel Mozartbaum blickt skeptisch zum deutschen Gast hinüber, wie er seine Trilluxe-Badehose anzieht, um den neunten Tag in Folge zum schwimmenden Apple-Store zu kraueln. Zumal er immer von Osaka aus die rund 5000 Kilometer schwimmt. Bei Baucons24 kann man nur nach Serverregion, (noch) nicht nach genaueren Ländern buchen. Das muss auch ein CEO ausbaden. Buchstäblich.
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